Make Christians.  Make Disciples.  Make them for Life.

A young pastor/priest friend of mine was at program called, “Good Leaders, Good Shepherds,” sitting with some of his older colleagues and was asked what his personal goal was.  He said, “I want to build a dynamic youth group in six months.”  The other priests laughed and said, “You will have five this year, six next year and it will drain your budget.”

The friend came home and called me.  In six months he had taken my proven system of building a youth group and had 125 consistent young disciples for his youth group.  Using the amazing documents of the churches, particularly the Catholic publication, “Renewing the Vision,” I spent fourteen months researching, interviewing participants of failed youth groups and some of the best youth groups in the United States, and praying about what would be the best way to have a youth group that is true to Christianity, not overly pandering to youth, and could reinvigorate our local church.

When implemented at the church where I developed it, we went from averaging 18 members at most, meeting every other week,  to 42 members in the youth group, every week.  Parents were thrilled, involved and inspired.  Youth were engaged, mission driven and had a place where they could trust that their opinions mattered.

My friend’s local church has experienced even more growth.  They have nearly 150 participants now and the parents are thrilled enough to hire a new youth director.


Flexible 4 to 6 hours, AM or PM


This seminar should involve the pastor, the youth leaders, youth directors, representatives of parents, and, most importantly, YOUTH (4-5).


There are handouts, samples and electronic files for this seminar.


This consult is adapted for Catholic and Protestant Churches according to their polity, creed, and style.