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Ruth Kurowski comments on Christianity, Culture, and the life of Youth and Young Adults

Modern pop culture is saturated with terms and phrases that symbolize how society sees life. What a group of people chooses to put on their shirts, hats, bumper stickers, and posters is a telling sign of their views. This is why the phrase “YOLO” scares me so much. Not a day goes by without me seeing a peer clothed in YOLO apparel or speaking the acronym to a friend nearby. But what exactly are we saying?
As most know, YOLO stands for  “You Only Live Once.” Instead of being used as words of caution, it is often used to give a reason behind actions that would previously have been seen as risky, careless, or reckless. They take on toxic roles in our lives. Accepting the phrase is accepting the idea that this life is all we have. In fact, YOLO is the antithesis of Christianity.
If Jesus came down and died so that we may live again, why do we insist that this life is the only one we have?

Denying our fate to live again, YOLO encourages us to see life as a one-chance stand. There are limited opportunities, few chances to thrive, and failure is ultimate. God tells us this is not true. Life on this earth is to be used for the betterment of the Lord: it is a garden in which our faith flourishes. Knowing that we will live again, but that the actions we take part in will determine how our second eternal life will be, gives meaning to our present lives.
YOLO and its principles try to deceive us into believing that our lives do not have worth enough for us to use caution. Instead, I suggest the term YOLT: “You Only Live Twice.” Your first life is your chance to show God your love and be thankful for your God-given worth. Your second life is the result of these actions. In this way, we choose to love ourselves and this life. We choose to accept that we will live again and our actions here matter. #YOLO #YoungChristians #TheologyMajor #YOLT

Ruth Kurowski is a junior at Munster High School, Munster, IN. She is exploring colleges and plans to major in theology.