Terms of Service

Jan 17, 2016

Our mission is to deepen the spirituality of humanity. My Spiritual Advisor, Inc. is a non-profit ministry which relies upon your donations after service. No one is turned away, so it is appreciated if you make a full donation of $50 per spiritual direction session in the US, Europe, Australia, and China (Other geographic areas are prorated for average household income).  Again, no one will be turned away due to financial need.  Please be up front with the spiritual director and offer what you can afford.

If you schedule a time for spiritual direction and cannot make your time, it is requested that you make a $10 donation to compensate My Spiritual Advisor, Inc. for holding that space for you.

Photos and Infographs: If you copy photos or infographs from our site, we ask that you leave the copyright and either give us credit or make a donation for the infograph or photo. We ask this because we try to recruit young professionals or persons who are discovering their God given talents. We would like for them to be recognized for their work. We ask you respectfully to honor this request.

Podcasts and Blogs cannot be used, reproduced or altered without express written consent from My Spiritual Advisor, Inc.