“Why do we need four Gospels?”

This was the question that was asked of Mark Kurowski when he was the pastor of a United Methodist Church.  The question lead to a five part day long retreat that walks through the Gospels of the New Testament examining their themes, emphases and enchantment as they draw us deeper into our faith.  A Seminar for Catholics and Christians of any denomination, this Gospel Retreat is sure to give deeper meaning to the lives of the people of your church.

Humor, challenge, entreaty and mercy are all there for us when we open our hearts to Jesus Christ through the writings of the Gospel writers.  Mark Kurowski, in a lively and exciting presentation, opens up these passages for us.

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Topic: Gospels

Time: One Day Retreat

Format: Opening Mass, Three Forty Five Minute Sessions, Lunch, Two Forty Five Minute Sessions

Options: This retreat may be split over one evening and one morning.