The Church says, “Pray,” but how do you do that?

The Priest/Pastor said, “Read your Bible,” but how do you do that?

The visiting pastor/priest said, “You should try meditation,” but how do you do that?

This day long retreat is five talks on different aspects of spirituality.  Based upon the book, A Simple Guide to the Spiritual Life, “A Simple Start to the Spiritual Life” is a retreat to teach what the religious professionals either do not know how to teach or are too busy to teach and you are afraid to push them.  This retreat brings all of the technical jargon of spirituality down to earth.




Session I: What is Spirituality, Why Does It Matter, and Why Does It Scare Me?


Session II: How Do I Begin to Pray?, the Rhythm of Prayer and Prayer Space in Your Home.


Session III: How to Read the Bible and Bible as Prayer Book


Session IV: How to Talk to Your Friends and Neighbors About Church Without Offending Them


Session V: A New View of the Sacraments in Your Spiritual Life


Bibles for all participants

A Simple Guide to the Spiritual Life, by Mark Kurowski, click on the title to purchase copies.

Note taking materials