I sink, swimming in shallow waters
afraid of the deep,
too young to join the martyrs.
Can I make the leap?
Is there all that much for me to keep
after all.

I pray, knowing nowhere else to turn
spilling out my life,
hoping to keep it and maybe even learn
that I can make the leap;
I do not have anything to keep
but instead a world of hope to reap

For perhaps, no, in fact, we do reap what we sow.
And it is I who have now come to know
that while the patronizers, deniers, liars, conspire to get only what they desire —
they will do nothing, but retire
without hope
without love
or the Light from above.

Because, you see, this Light with a capital L
is what helps me reap what I sow,
and what that is, can you tell
is the hope of love, even when I’m low

The depths of this ocean are in truth my safety zone,

and only when I result to the shallows do I ever feel alone

my Love, my Life, my Hope, the only right, way
may not be the easiest, that I can say.
but it is the best me, this day, every
day, come what may

To take this leap into the waters of
the Lord, his holy fire, mighty sword

They’ll be my Light,
And for me there is no longer fear in this flight —

But freedom true,
as beautiful as sweet
as Mother’s morning dew

This freedom in the leap, the leap into
My Father’s deep,

This is what I have come to keep
It is what I choose to reap.

What will I sow?

Ruth Kurowski

Ruth Kurowski

Youth Blogger, Poet