Columnist Salman Abdul Majeed comments on Islamic Spirituality

Columnist Salman Abdul Majeed comments on Islamic Spirituality

Every time I write an article, I take out time to brainstorm a few days beforehand. Today I intended to share a blog article titled “Rethinking God’s Wrath,” but instead I’d like to deter from the typical post and share a recent experience along with a reflection.

Today, well, the day on which I am writing this, marks the day I graduated from Bayyinah Institute, a 10 month intensive program focusing on the study of the Islamic text, the Arabic language, and Islamic & Natural Philosophy. I have spent this past year getting to know, studying by, and living with, some of the most amazing people I’ve met in my life. Graduation was a day of laughter, memories, and sadness (and unbelievable hunger, mind you).

I’d like to share with you some reflections that I shared during my graduation speech:

I realized that every step we take in life is simply a means to an end. There is an ancient philosophy that every single action done by mankind is an attempt to attain happiness. Whether it’s getting a new degree, buying a new house, getting married, starting a new job, everything we do is an attempt at getting one step closer to happiness. As a Muslim, my definition of happiness is God Himself. I define happiness as attaining God. Not just His mercy or His love, but He Himself. Looking back at why I spent the last year of my life studying the Islamic sciences, I realize that the goal wasn’t to get a degree from Bayyinah Institute, the goal wasn’t to be able to master Arabic, the goal wasn’t to amass volumes of knowledge. Rather, the goal has always been to get closer to, and strengthen my relationship with, God. My graduation from Bayyinah Institute is one step closer to that goal. [Continued, “Read More”]

The interesting thing about celebratory days (such as graduations) is that things like success, happiness, and contentment are normally defined as attaining a certain degree or having a particular-sized house or a specific kind of car. But I am reminded that real success, real happiness, and real contentment are all found in God and God’s work.

My advice to my graduating class was to never be satisfied with the minimum, to never be content with mediocrity, and to always remember one’s end goal. Often times we are so drowned in our work and responsibilities that we forget what we hope to accomplish in the end. It is absolutely essential to consistently take a step back and remind ourselves of your our purpose. Life is short, make it count. Above all else, seek happiness. Seek God.

May we be people of happiness. May we be people of God.

My Spiritual Advisor, Inc. would like to congratulate our blogger, Salman Abdul Majeed, on his graduation from the Bayyinah Institute, Dallas, TX.  Salman is one of the finest men we know.  May he be blessed richly by the Lord now and forever.