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by Richard Proulx

In recent years chant has enjoyed a resurgence of interest and popularity. More Sublime Chant is an extension of the highly successful Sublime Chant, delving further into the glorious sounds of our past and once again featuring the voices of The Cathedral Singers under the direction of Richard Proulx.

This beautiful recording includes Gregorian, Ambrosian, Mozarabic, and Sarum chants, many being recorded for the very first time! Chants for Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter are included, as are two mass settings. More Sublime Chant also features the complete Office of Compline, sung in English.

The chants are realized in proportional, modal, and equalist rhythms, employing organum, drones, tone clusters, and ornamentation. The use of recorders, handbells, and small percussion, combined with the enchanting voices of The Cathedral Singers and the warm acoustics of Chicago’s Columbus Hospital Chapel, make this recording yet another “must-have” for any music lover!


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