Although the Gospel of Luke has been called “The Gospel of the Outcasts,” We prefer to call it “The Gospel of the Master Story Teller.”  This Gospel uses literary conventions, geography, irony and masterful storytelling to deliver the Epic Message of Jesus the one who comes to save all people.  The sessions are:

First Part:

The Gospel of Luke: an overview of themes, literary conventions and Luke’s use of Greek rhetorical constructions to create an epic journey.

Second Part:

Fulfillment as “epic” saga.  This session investigates the Infancy Narrative to show how Luke uses the prophecy-fulfillment motif to identify who Jesus is and why the patron of the author should trust that the Gospel is “secure.”


Third Part:

Journey as literary device: This session shows how Luke uses geography and the journeys of Jesus to more accurately portray who Jesus is and why he came.

Fourth Part:

The role of Israel in Salvation: completion of the thesis.  This final session brings it all together to show how the role of the Gentiles fits perfectly with the role of Israel in salvation.  It brings a clear picture of how it is that Luke convinces Theophilus that believing in Jesus Christ is worth everything.

Topic: Gospel of Luke

Time: One and a Half Day Retreat


Day One: Benediction, Two Forty Five Minute Sessions, Prayer and Dismissal

Day Two: Opening Worship, Three Forty Five Minute Sessions, Lunch, Two Forty Five Minute Sessions

Options: For the Chicagoland Area, this retreat may be done as a four or five week seminar with one evening of two to two and half hours for four or five weeks.