Posting Policy

Please read this before you post.

My Spiritual Advisor (MSA) allows a moderated posting policy.  This means that posts will be moderated and MSA reserves the right to delete or modify any post that does not uphold human dignity.  Language considered inappropriate will be judged by context and MSA will be the sole arbiter of such language.  This site represents the desire to deepen the spirituality of humanity.

Anonymity: because we are dealing with love, trust, goodness, mercy and other virtues, anonymity should not be an issue.  Some circumstances, like the “Prayer Room” may call for anonymity to the public, but MSA reserves the right to require registration so that we can contact anyone whose posts indicate they will hurt themselves, others or break the law.  MSA follows the guidelines and best practices of Spiritual Directors International.  We are bound by Indiana State Law to report anyone who plans to commit a crime.

MSA reserves the right to extend or change this policy without notice and may not be held responsible for the views of others that are contrary to those expressed by MSA in the prayer room or in comments.

By posting a comment or prayer to this site, you agree to abide by this policy.