You have to prepare for spiritual direction?

Yes, it is always best to prepare for your session.  The spiritual director is a guide on your trip like a boat guide on a river rapids trip. S/he is not the boat, nor the stream, but knows the terrain and can help you along the way to avoid the rougher water, the rocks, and prevent more capsizing than usual. It is good to prepare before you meet for your one hour session each month or every two weeks.  Here is how.

  1. Take notes: throughout the month, you should take brief notes of your daily prayer time with God. You should especially note two things: first, what did you feel God is saying to you and second, how did you feel that day when you approached prayer.  These two things will be a great help. We are not asking for a novel here. We are asking for a quick line or two that can be reviewed the day before you meet with your spiritual director.
  2. Prepare the Day Before: The day before you meet with your spiritual director, you should be reviewing your notes (if you have them. See #1.), looking for themes of items that came up between you and God the past month. You should make a list of things you would like to talk about: sins or problems with which you are struggling, successes you would like to rejoice about, and odds and ends.
  3. Do an inventory: in your list of preparation you should make note of how much rest you have had, how you have been eating, how much exercise you have had, how much rest you have given yourself, and how much sleep you have had. In addition to these physical items, you should make a list of how often and when you have prayed, gone to service/Mass, read spiritual reading, and worked on your spiritual attitude.
  4. Take the lead: After the spiritual director says the prayer to open the session, you should just jump right in, “Today, I want to talk about…” and then go.

We hope you have a great spiritual direction session.  These four tips can help you have the most productive spiritual direction session you can have.  Remember to keep the lines of communication going and remind your spiritual director of your background in case they have a large client load.

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