How would you look with a big bow on your head?  The point of marriage is to be a gift to each other for the purpose of being more holy.  When you keep the focus where it ought to be great things can happen. Using the “Theology of the Body,” of John Paul II and Oliver O’Donovan’s “Resurrection and Moral Order”, Mark Kurowski moves beyond sexuality to using principles that make our marriages healthier, happier and holier than ever.

This retreat is specifically designed to be short and to the point so that busy marriages can squeeze a morning or afternoon into their lives to gain some tools to live the life God intended.



Session I: Marriage Talk: To Be a Gift

This session uses the theological insights and practical humor and application that are the hallmarks of’s ministry.


Session II: Marriage Workshop: Break out session guided by Mark Kurowski

This session uses the Solution Focused Brief Therapy techniques that My Spiritual Advisor, Inc.’s Mark Kurowski learned at Duke University and used in pastoral counseling for nearly 20 years.


“Thank you for being our Family Formation guest speaker on “Marriage: To Be a Gift”.  Your insight into the relationship of body and soul as it relates to marriage was beautifully presented wit such enthusiasm…and not soon to be forgotten.  May God continue to use your gifts!”

Sarah Turk, Director of Faith Formation, St. Jude Parish, Joliet, IL