I Will Not Apologize for the Judgment

by Mark Kurowski | MySpiritualAdvisor2017

#IWillNotApologizeForTheJudgment is the podcast for November 26, 2017 (Christ the King). So often we shy away from the judgment because we don’t want to offend. Yet, without the judgment, evil will stay with us. No one wants that, really. We all want to have a world that is without the pain of evil, so I welcome judgment that will eliminate evil. There is more. Listen here and find out more: Download it into your phone.#Matthew25 #Evil #Judgment #ChristtheKing #NoMoreCrying #NoMorePain #NoMore

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For The Church of Saint Raphael the Archangel, Munster, IN and My Spiritual Advisor, this is Mark Kurowski with a reflection for Sunday,   11/26/2017  Christ the King Sunday.

Please pause this audio and read Matthew 25:31-46.

So, the conversation goes like this:

“So, you are a Christian?”


“So, you believe that Jesus is going to judge people?”


“So, you don’t have a problem with that?”


“You mean, you don’t have a problem with people getting judged and basically snuffed out forever?”

“Well, no, I mean…”

“Dude, you wish people would die because you don’t agree with them?”

OK, let me stop the conversation right there. Here is what I have to say about the “don’t agree with them” thing. There is evil in the world. When we turn on our phones every day and see yet another person who is a serial harasser or a serial rapist or a serial killer, serial adulterer, serial fornicator, serial liar, serial thief, serial embezzler, serial abuser, serial sinner who has no self-reflection, who had no concern for how their sin has impacted the world, do we not feel a sense of weariness? Are we not tired, exhausted at the torrent of evil that we see in the news? Are we not exhausted at the extra work that has been poured upon us because evil has made its way into our world?

I am a very friendly man. I want everyone to know how special they are and that God loves them. Yet, I was told that being very friendly can also be interpreted as being creepy because that is how pedophiles lure their victims into abuse. What a shame; what a pity, that I have to turn off my friendliness because evil has coopted it for its ways.

When we buy a home, the stack of papers is about six inches high now because there are all kinds of verifications and waivers we have to sign because others have been dishonest. When we want to go on a trip to another part of the country, we go on an airplane. Well, I wish it were that easy. We have to arrive two hours early, basically dress to undress and be checked because someone might want to blow us up. When we send our children to school, it is not enough to just close the door.  We have to lock it, put cameras out in front, and have every visitor buzz in after being checked.

I am tired. I am weak. I am worn out with the evil. I am always having to accommodate the evil. I am always having to change my ways because of the evil.  I am tired of the evil.

So, to answer the question, “No, I do not have a problem with God coming to judge us. I do not have a problem with Jesus deciding that those who are unrepentant and refuse to change because of the evil they inflict upon others will not be in heaven. No. I will not apologize for the judgment.”   In fact, it is the judgment of Jesus as King which tells us that we ought not do the evil things.

After the judgment, death will be no more, which means there will be no more killers. Dying will be no more, which means there will be no more diseases. Crying and mourning will be no more, which means there will be no more abusers.

Do we not all long for a day when we can meet someone and not have to worry about whether they want to get in our pocket, our pants, or our purse? It is always nice to be with people who want to serve the Lord, I mean serve the Lord and not use the Lord to serve their means.

As James says it well “Show me your faith apart from your works and by my works I will show you my faith.” Although, according to Matthew there is a humility with those who are in love with Jesus so much that they have no idea that the good work they have just done is an act of obedience. To them, it is an act of love. When one is in love with the Lord, why wouldn’t we do things that show him we love him?

One time, I had a couple within which the husband owned a firm. The wife was always decked out in some item of clothing that had the logo of her man’s firm on it.   How many of us have seen a parent who went to one college wear the logo of the college their children are now attending?  If someone is in love with someone, we not only love the person, we love what they do.  We become loyal to the life they have created. It is not uncommon for Christians to love what the Lord of their life has created: the world and all humans therein.

They are bleeding hearts who want to save every poor person, clothe every naked person, house every homeless person, talk to every lonely person, focus prisons away from the crime and on the person, and make sure that health care is for every person.  These are the corporal works of mercy and we do them because we love the Lord.

We are people who aren’t demanding others thank us for the good deeds we do.  In fact, we are so in love with Jesus and love the people and creation created through him, we don’t even know that we are loving His universe.

It is our way of life.

It is a life that sees the world as ultimately connected to the Father in heaven so much so that to worship him renews the earth and to renew the earth worships him. It is a love that wakes up every morning and proactively searches for ways to love others. It is a love that does for all, universally, regardless of borders, regions, or divisions. It is a love that is so fully integrated that it isn’t even noticed.

If you could imagine a universe where people proactively, selflessly, humbly serve all people at all times, then you are imagining heaven. You imagining the world without evil. You are imagining a world that does not have to protect itself from selfish self-promoters who define all things by how life serves them.

So, no, I do not want people to die in the judgment. People are the Lord’s people, good and bad.  Yet, it is comforting that there will be a day when we can move on from all the noise, all the weariness, all the foolishness.  The sadness that fills my heart is from knowing that those who will be judged as goats will have no idea that they were being loveless in the first place. They probably thought they were being principled. They probably thought they were just going with the flow. They had no idea they walked by someone who was poor, hungry, naked, lonely, in prison, etc.  They just knew they always ‘did the right thing’.  Yes, they did, but they did not do the faithful thing. They probably thought they were just looking out for themselves, and who wouldn’t do the same?

Those who are the sheep would not, and they, too, because of their world view, would have no idea they were loving.  In fact, they probably are sad that they didn’t do more.

So, I make no apologies that Jesus is our King. I will not apologize that he will come again to judge us. I make no apologies because he will judge us by how we have done unto others. If being sure that we love him and love one another, especially the least of these, is the principle hanging over our heads, it is the kind of world we were baptized to want anyway. So, yes, I accept the judgment and the Judge. Thanks be to God. Amen.

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