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Former Duke Professor Joins My Spiritual Advisor

Professor Emeritus the Rev. Dr. Harmon Smith, Ph. D. to join blogosphere

MUNSTER, IN- August 11, 2015 – The Rev. Dr. Harmon Smith, Emeritus Professor of Moral Theology (Divinity) and Emeritus Professor of Community and Family Medicine (Medicine) at Duke University has joined My Spiritual Advisor as a columnist/blogger on the website Dr. Smith’s first blog will appear on Thursday, August 20, 2015. “We are thrilled to have such a dynamic voice from one of the most hallowed divinity school’s in the country. Dr. Smith’s participation in the civil rights movement, his writings in medical ethics, and his passion as a priest and pastor of his people is inspiring. We cannot tell you how thrilled we are to have Dr. Smith as part of the My Spiritual Advisor, Inc. family,” said Mark Kurowski, Executive Director of My Spiritual Advisor.

He was awarded the A.B. degree from Millsaps College in 1952, the B.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Duke University in 1955 and 1962 respectively. He served as

HARMON L. SMITH is professor emeritus of moral theology at the Divinity School, Duke University.

HARMON L. SMITH is professor emeritus of moral theology at the Divinity School, Duke University.

minister to Methodist churches in North Carolina and as Assistant to the Dean of the Duke Divinity School from 1959-66. He was appointed Professor of Moral Theology at Duke in 1973. In 1974, he received joint appointment to the medical faculty as Professor of Community and Family Medicine. He served on numerous faculty committees and programs, and was among the leaders of the faculty initiatives that welcomed African-American students and faculty to Duke, secured better working conditions and just compensation for Duke’s African American housekeeping and grounds staff, and helped prevent the Nixon Presidential Library from locating at Duke. He was committed to racial and ethnic justice, was arrested and convicted, and served jail time briefly for his opposition to racial segregation before his sentence was commuted by Gov. Terry Sanford. He was the founding pastor of Christ Church, Methodist, Burlington. He was ordained a Priest of The Episcopal Church in 1972.

Smith was among the first 20th century theologians to explore emerging ethical issues in medical and biological sciences, and was deeply committed to interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaboration. His teaching and research, while principally in the fields of Christian ethics, Moral Theology, and medical ethics. His publications include Decision Making in Personal Life (1963), The Christian and His Decisions, with Louis W. Hodges (1969), Ethics and the New Medicine (1970), The Promis-cuous Teenager, with Daniel T. Gianturco (1974), Professional Ethics and Primary Care Medicine, with Larry Churchill (1986), and Where Two or Three are Gathered: Liturgy and the Moral Life (1995).

He was awarded research and study grants by the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, the Cooper Foundation for Neurologic Research and Education, and the Duke Endowment Research Fellowship in 1968-69 to pursue studies in medicine and ethics at the University of Edinburgh. In 1973 he served as Humanities Research Fellow in the Department of Neurologic Surgery at St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, New York, where he was an affiliate staff member for eight years. He served as the American representative to the UNESCO Conference on Genetics and Ethics in Varna, Bulgaria. He was elected a Fellow of the National Humanities Center for 1982-1983. He delivered named lectureships at more than 200 colleges and universities and in more than 100 medical schools and hospitals in both North America and Europe.

Smith currently resides in Durham, NC and serves parishes of the North Carolina Episcopal Diocese as an interim priest and pastor. While not serving the church, Dr. Smith is golfing or spending time with family. “My Spiritual Advisor invited Dr. Smith to write periodically for the website because we felt that Harmon is one of the most provocative and Scripturally based thinkers in the United States.  Smith was Dr. Stanley Hauerwas’ predecessor and contemporary.  Smith laid the foundation to invite a voice like Hauerwas to Duke,” said Kurowski.

My Spiritual Advisor is a provider of safe, quality spiritual direction, inspiration, and instruction to those who are religious and who are seeking spirituality. Based in Munster, IN, My Spiritual Advisor has been deepening the spirituality of humanity for nearly 13 years to persons on four continents, 28 countries and across the United States. They can be seen at See Smith’s first blog under the Blog section of the site.


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