• Place Bible Prayer Method bookmarks per instructions.
  • Follow instructions on bookmarks as a guide to your prayer time.
  • Flexible.
  • Structured enough to help you feel comfortable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Patterned after ancient prayer forms (Liturgy of Hours).
  • Follows the form of the “Daily Office”.
  • For ALL Christians.

Download one bookmark and print it out OR Order packs of 10 pre-printed bookmarks on cardstock.




Download or Order Now

Use your Bible to guide you in prayer.  It sounds just too easy, but you can use your Bible as a prayer book. Most “prayer books” are 98% Scripture anyway.  So, you can buy a prayerbook for between $20-160.00 or you can make a donation for our downloadable Bible Prayer Method that uses bookmarks that fit right in the Bible you already own for between $.99-$7.00!

We have bookmarks that can be used to help you pray everyday.  By placing bookmarks in your Bible with printed instructions on them you can open your Bible, begin prayer by yourself or within a community, and follow the instructions for a slightly structured prayer time.