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Legacy: A Reflection on John 20:1-9

Benedictine University and's Mark Kurowski reflects on the meaning of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  Why does Jesus' Resurrection mean something to us?  What kind of perspective does it give us? Listen to this podcast of his reflection on the readings for Easter Sunday to find out. Please read John 20:1-9.  For Audio, "read more" below.  #GreatCatholicPreaching #Prayer #Sermons #Homilyhelper #Legacy #EASTER #Catholic


Facebook Friends: A Reflection for Palm/Passion Sunday

This reflection was previously podcast on April 17, 2011. and Benedictine University continue to experience technical difficulties this week.  We thank you for your patience and hope you are inspired by this offering for Palm/Passion Sunday 2014.

Benedictine University and's Mark Kurowski asks the simple question of what it means to be friends.  In this reflection he examines the irony of our claim to be friends, Jesus' example of friendship and the hard questions we need to ask ourselves about who we are and how we respond to God and each other. Please read Matthew 26:14-27:66 (You must be a registered user and "Log In" to hear the podcast.  Click on "Create an account," if you are new to the site. If you are an existing user, log in and click on "Read More.").


A Simple Guide to the Spiritual Life

In, A Simple Guide to the Spiritual Life, Mark Kurowski takes you through an uncomplicated entry point A Simple Guide to the Spiritual Lifeinto Christian Spirituality.  What are the first steps to understanding Christian Spirituality?  How do you pray?  How does a person start to meditate?  How do you read and understand the Bible?  What is available to me to deepen my spiritual life?  All of these questions and more are answered in this little welcoming book.  Kurowski's writing truly makes entering the spiritual life simple and easy.  Let this little book connect or reconnect you to God, others, true worship and service.

To purchase a hard copy of this book, please send an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it l, our estore is experiencing problems.  You will be sent an invoice for $6.95, plus S&H.

To purchase a "Kindle Version" of this book, click here. $5.99.


"Mark Kurowski has written something special in A Simple Guide to the Spiritual Life. His work has both deep insight and also practical suggestions, the combination of which greatly benefits a reader who is trying to deepen the spiritual life in the midst of this busy, task-laden modern world. The book has something for everyone who is looking for a way to more closely follow Jesus Christ. Thank you, Mark Kurowski!" --Chris, Pittsburg, KS


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"I have become acquainted with Mark Kurowski  and learned of his journey to the fullness of faith in the Catholic Church.  He gained a master's degree at the Divinity School of Duke University.  Then having been received into the Church he completed the theology studies for the priesthood at Mundelein Seminary of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  I have found his web site reflections solidly Catholic and helpful to all who are striving to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "

Most Rev. James H. Garland, Bishop Emeritus of Marquette

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