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Authoritative: A Reflection on Mark 1:21-28


#Authoritative is the reflection for February 1, 2015. What is most striking to the people who heard Jesus? It may be as easy as black and white.  Who can you trust? Find out more by listening to the reflection.  It may change the way to think about and talk to God. #MSAWordfortheDay #MySpiritualAdvisor #Sermon #Homily #Authoritative #Help # Hope



Chicago Radio Host Asks Lynch, "Why Are You So Angry?"

A radio host in Chicago asked Marshawn Lynch today, "Why are you so angry?" Mark Kurowski, a guest host for the one hour daily radio program, "The Winds of Change" asked the question in the final segment of the program. (Audio below)

In the segment, Kurowski, a life long Cub fan, was reflecting on the example that Ernie Banks, the Cubs' legend, left for him, "a poor white boy from South Bend, IN."  Kurowski said that Banks, Larry Doby, Jackie Robinson were given platforms and showed the world how to be gracious under unjust pressure.  Kurowski went on to say that regardless if a person wants to be a role model, they are.


Turnaround: A Reflection on Mark 1:14-20

Homeless Woman

By Mark Kurowski

#Turnaround is the reflection for January 25, 2015. How do we be nice, interact with the homeless, just be all around better? Find out more by listening to the reflection.  It may change your priorities. #MSAWordfortheDay #MySpiritualAdvisor #Sermon #Homily #Priorities #KingdomofGod


(A free stock photo of a homeless person was used above. The photo was chosen specifically because the face of the individual is not shown.)


Thank You, Veronica Partridge, for Not Wearing Yoga Pants

Thank you, Veronica Partridge for not wearing Yoga pants in public.  The Huffington Post reported that you stopped wearing Yoga pants, save behind closed doors for your husband to enjoy, because you didn't want to be a temptation to others. (see the article on HuffPo here.)  I heartily support your decision for three reasons: humans were created to be sexual beings, I want to be a holy man and it is very difficult these days, and we ought to have more respect for our bodies than what we do.

Christians believe that we have an awesome God because he made sex so fun. 

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